Alumni Association Government Engineering College - Rajkot (AAG)

Alumni Association is a vital and inseparable component in the sustainable growth of any institute. Its role is to offer a strong foundation for creating a concrete platform and student-friendly environment as well as to connect alumni and students enthusiastically for long term collaboration.

Alumni Association of GEC-Rajkot (AAG) is working in-line with its Vision, Mission, and Objectives with the motto of 'Bridging the Gaps…'. AAG, with enormous support from its core team members, students, and alumni, is gradually reaching its every alumnus and virtually bringing all of them back to the institute as well as efficiently connecting them to all current year students using various social media publicity and events through a variety of communication mediums.

Although AAG is in its initial years yet it has proved its rapid growth by becoming renowned for its novel, innovative and collaborating activities as well as achieving important milestones like Documentation and Registration of the Association, Setting up a dedicated Alumni office with adequate furniture facility, regular official Alumni Meets, Felicitation Ceremony, Webinars through online Expert Talk Series, Book Donation Drive, Talent Hunt, and newly launched initiative – an Android App. One of the crucial aspects of all the activities carried out by AAG is it is a kind of collaborative activity that not only involves Alumni but also encourages participation of present students, especially bringing all on a common platform.

We, the Team AAG, are committed to providing the spark for igniting the fire within each member of the association to help, contribute, and serve for the betterment of student fraternity.

It is just the beginning of the memorable journey to the next level of success and for setting up the milestones for the next generations of students to come.

Stay Connected, Keep Learning & Contributing. 


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